How do I attend the course?

The course is fully online. There are 10 modules, and you complete them at your own pace. There is no deadline.

Is there a test?

You’ll take a quiz following each module. You must score 70% to pass. If you fail, you’ll retake the quiz until you pass. When you pass the 10th quiz, you’ll earn the certificate!

Will I get a Certificate?

Yes. You’ll receive both a digital certificate and a printed certificate for display in your office.

Does the course offer CE credit?

Yes. We expect it to provide 10 CE credits.

Is the course recognized by regulatory or professional organizations?

This is a certificate, not a designation. You do not receive initials to put after your name. Thus, recognition by regulators isn’t germane. Compliance departments generally do not weigh in; to many, this is regarded as a CE program. But you will have bragging rights that you earned the certificate.