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Inside ETFs  Jan 26-29, 2020 Hollywood, FL
TDA National LINC Jan 29-31, 2020 Orlando
T3 Advisor Conference Feb 17-20, 2020 San Diego
Digital Asset Strategy Summit (DASS) Oct 2020 Dallas
Schwab Impact Nov 10-13, 2020 Boston


agenda subject to change at each conference


Just another Tulip Bulb? Or Global Transformation? Is Bitcoin just another pump-and-dump scheme? Or will this revolutionary technology transform commerce on a planetary scale? As a financial advisor, you must become knowledgeable about the blockchain, as well as bitcoin and other digital assets, so you can decide whether your clients should invest – or stay away.

Introduction to Blockchain and Digital Assets Everyone knows about bitcoin’s massive volatility. But few can explain the blockchain, bitcoin’s underlying technology. This vital session will remove the mystery about these innovative technologies, enabling you to have meaningful conversations with your clients about blockchain and digital assets – while also helping you learn the implications for your own advisory practice.

How Big is Blockchain and Digital Assets? Just ask Big Business Fidelity has launched a massive digital asset platform. Facebook plans to introduce Libra, a new global currency. Harvard, Yale, Stanford, Duke, UNC and dozens more college endowments are investing in bitcoin and other digital assets, while major banks worldwide collectively invest billions of dollars in blockchain technology to slash costs, increase market share and boost profits. This session will reveal what the world’s major institutions are doing, and what this means for your advisory practice.

Tokenization: The Future of Investing If your checking account balance is big enough, you could buy IBM – the entire company – for about $114 billion. Or you could buy a tiny slice of it – a single share – for about $130. For centuries, investors have been able to buy tiny pieces of huge companies. Why stop there? Today, you can buy small slices of apartment buildings in Manhattan, rare wines, Old Masters, even exotic sports cars. Using the blockchain, in fact, investors can now buy a token (akin to a stock’s share) of just about anything. Tokenization will revolutionize asset ownership on a global scale – and this session will show you both how tokenization works and the implications for investment management and asset allocation.

Investing Opportunities in Blockchain and Digital Assets With virtually any computer, you can mine bitcoin on your own, like picking apples from a tree. Or you can buy bitcoins from an online exchange, like buying stocks at a brokerage firm. You can also invest in funds that buy digital assets, or acquire a stake in companies that are building blockchain technology. This session will show you the wide variety of investment opportunities available for you and your clients – and how to incorporate these strategies into your practice.

Portfolio Tracking and Blockchain Tech Integrations Buying digital assets is one thing; tracking prices across different market-making platforms is quite another. Several companies have emerged to resolve a key challenge facing investors and investment advisors, and this session will give you an inside look at them.

Tax and Regulatory The SEC says bitcoin is not a security, and the Federal Reserve says bitcoin is not currency. The IRS says bitcoin is property subject to taxation, but the CFTC says bitcoin is a commodity. What’s a taxpayer to do?

Currently, there’s little federal regulation over bitcoin – allowing a Wild West environment to flourish. Five companies have asked the SEC for permission to launch a bitcoin ETF. Will the agency approve the applications? This session examines the crucial tax and regulatory status, to help you manage your practice and provide guidance to your clients.

Beyond Bitcoin: Portfolio Diversification in the Digital Age If you want to recommend digital assets to your clients, how would you go about it? Which digital assets would you recommend, and to what degree? In this session, you’ll discover the options available to you, and how you can increase your client’s portfolio diversification.

Digital Assets: Is it an Alternative Asset Class? In an asset allocation model, should bitcoin be listed as equity, as debt – or as a completely new asset class? This remarkable session will tie together everything you’ve learned in today’s program, and show you the two startling reasons why you should place digital assets into your clients’ portfolios.


Read What Our Attendees are Saying About Our Past Events:


In his inaugural hosting of Barron’s Blockchain and Crypto-Assets program, Ric Edelman developed a provocative and highly insightful program featuring presentations from experts at leading firms in these emerging technologies. Ric’s agenda attracted an audience of world class independent wealth managers eager to learn about this burgeoning asset class. It was a great event for all involved.

Sterling Shea
Global Head of Wealth & Asset Management
Dow Jones


I support your work in the area of digital currency and blockchain; a significant new alternative investment and has potentially many unique applications. I applaud your leadership.”

David Diesslin, CFP®, MBA
Chairman & Founder
DGI, Inc.


It is imperative that, as financial advisors, we educate ourselves about potential future impacts on the financial services industry. The Blockchain and Crypto-Assets Special Event at the 2019 Barron's Independent Summit was a great primer for Blockchain/Crypto infrastructure and provided relevant updates on the current landscape which are impacting our industry. Regardless if you are a novice or an expert on Blockchain and Crypto-Assets, I highly recommend attending this event.

Jason B. Shirk, APMA®, CFS®
Financial Advisor | Managing Partner
Western Capital Advisors
A financial advisory practice of Ameriprise Financial Services, Inc.


The program was indeed very helpful. The presentations were excellent.

Michael P. McCartney
McCartney Wealth Management LLC


Staying ahead of the curve regarding new technologies, financial planning strategies and business development trends is paramount if we want to continue to provide the value our clients deserve and expect. Attending the Crypto session presented by Ric Edelman and his team was a phenomenal way to do just that. Presentation was clear, concise and on point. Well worth the time.

William J. Cafero
RCL Advisors, LLC


I have been privileged to have attended the last 8 Barron’s Indy RIA conferences and can state with confidence that the Blockchain and Crypto Asset special event hosted by Ric Edelman was the best presentation that I have experienced. Ric assembled some of the top minds in the space and the five-hour session was extremely informative and well organized. Ric helped me connect a lot of “dots” and I made some great connections with key players. I would highly recommend attending this session if Ric makes it available in the future. I’m hoping he has follow-on sessions.

David W. Pequet
Senior Portfolio Manager
MPI Investment Management


I thoroughly enjoyed attending the Barron's Crypto Pre-Event. It was a great chance to hear from some of the industry experts on what the future of blockchain and crypto assets will be and how we might start approaching using them for our clients.

Marty Bicknell
Mariner Wealth Advisors


The event was of great value to me as an advisor, as I had tremendous success in connecting with different vendors who are going to help me get digital assets into our client’s portfolio’s by end of Q3 of this year.

Ron Bullis
Lifeworks Advisors


I am definitely glad I attended the event. It was great exposure and a good place to start the learning process.

Jaime Barretta
Barretta Wealth Management, Inc.


This is the perfect venue for advisors looking to stay informed and position their clients for the "next big thing".

Eric Ervin
Blockforce Capital


I recently had the opportunity to attend Barron’s pre-event on Blockchain and Cryptoassets. Realizing that I needed to increase my knowledge in both of these areas, I felt it would be a very good use of time and an opportunity to get a deep and broad breadth of information from the experts in these areas. I was not disappointed. The line-up of speakers was great and I left the session much more educated and confident to be able to speak to this evolving and important aspect to our business and industry.

Charles R. Cumello, Jr.
President & Chief Executive Officer
Essex Financial Services





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